Indulge in a cultural trip by visiting the top 5 most beautiful towns in Arizona

Arizona has all the beautiful places to go to, and make you feel their culture and their everyday life. Travelling enhances your personality and makes you face challenges in life in every better way possible. Traveling to Arizona can make you get exposed to the beauty of the place, but the state being so big, you might as well get confused as to which place to go to first. Hence to make your trip easier and more indulging, we will introduce you to the top 5 most beautiful towns In Arizona which will leave you in awe of their existence.

  • Bisbee

This is one of the oldest towns, built back in 1880 and is habitat to retire people and artists. It has the peaceful serenity surrounding it and on its external it is bordered by Mule Mountains, it gives a completely surreal outlook. The town acts as an artists and writers retreat. Victorian and European-style neighborhoods can be seen, making you feel like you have walked into some English novel. The attractions which get a lot of visitors coming to the place each year are the Queen Mine Tour, in which you get to explore the copper mine and the Old Bisbee Ghost tour which makes paranormal activists take you to the most haunted places in the area.


  • Globe

Present at the foothills of Pinal mountains, this is a former mining camp known as Globe now. It dates back to 1876 and it was amalgamated in 1907, you walk down this town with history and historical places surrounding you. The old buildings and the hillside cottages and houses are what add to its beauty, and you never feel like going back. The town has antique shops and arts and craft shops where you can get souvenirs as well.


  • Prescott

Home to the famous landmark ThePhippen Museum, which is an art museum showing western art. Home to the 40 saloons ages ago, called the Whiskey row is an added tourist attraction in this place which brings vibrancies to the downtown area of the place and is usually crowded with people. Prescott has tons of recreational activities which are enjoyed by the locals and the visitors both like the ponderosa pine forest and lakes and the Granite Mountains where people hike, do rock climbing and other adventure sports.


  • Tubac

It is a scenic village which will make you awe-struck for the beauty that it holds, as it is a mixture of art and history. Back in 1752 it was built as a Spanish Presidio and has been occupied with people since the past 11,000 years. The area is filled with history with every step that you take in that place and specifically in the first state park which is called Tubac Presidio State historic park. The place has an Arts museum which is called the Tubac Center of arts and is filled with visitors all year round.


  • Winslow

Placed in the high desert plains this place is a must visit, as the scenic beauty is what it holds. The town is historically charming and a walk¬†down the streets would take you into the towns past. The town has the famous “The Standing on the Corner Park” which pays homage to the famous band Eagles, and their hit song Take It Easy.

Now you can discover the history of Arizona by visiting this small town, which have been there since ever and have been home to the most historically acclaimed places. We have helped you shortlist the top 5 towns of Arizona.

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